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PADI Dive Courses
PADI Scuba Diving Certifications

We offer a range of PADI Dive Courses for all ages and skill levels. What better place in the world to gain a PADI Scuba Diving Certification than in the warm, clear waters of Fiji with experienced, friendly and professional instructors!


Taster courses include the PADI Bubblemaker programme for kids (under 10 years old) and the PADI Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) programme for children (10 years plus) and adults. Both of these introductory courses offer participants the chance to safely experience the world of scuba under the direct supervision of a PADI instructor. The scuba in the pool Bubble Maker programme can be tailored to suit the age, confidence and skill level of the youngster, while the DSD programme provides you with the underwater skills needed to dive in the open water. In this half day long course you'll learn about scuba diving equipment, safety and underwater technique. You'll put these skills to test in the pool then go for a dive at one of our great dive sites, all under the direct care of an experienced instructor. If you decide you'd like to go on and gain your Open Water Certification after completing a DSD programme (no surprise that most people want to!), then you don't pay for the DSD experience, just your Open Water Certification.  **DSD Taster Course $270 FJD

The PADI Junior Open Water (for 10-15 year olds) and PADI Open Water dive courses are  entry level diver training certifications. These courses are usually run over 4 days and involve in pool training, written work and open water diving. The courses can be run to suit and may happen individually or within  small groups. You may complete your full certification course with us, or you may complete the book work with your local dive store or through e-learning and save your underwater experiences to be enjoyed with us in our warm Fiji waters full of sights to amaze.   ** Open Water Certification $950 FJD

(By Tica Drury, aged 11 years, 2008.)

The PADI Adventures in Diving (Advanced Open Water) course is your introduction to specialised dives such as Navigation & Deep (compulsory), Dive Propulsion Vehicle, Photography, Night, Boat, Drift, Peak Performance Buoyancy etc. E-learning is available. Training for and experiencing these dives means your skill level and range of diving experiences is enhanced. Successful completion of 5 selected dive types (bookwork and underwater) is required to gain this certification, and if you're part of a group doing 2 tank dives each day we throw in a 6th dive for free!  **Adventures In Diving Certification $900 FJD

Emergency First Response (EFR) is the First Aid & CPR programme offered by PADI.  The PADI EFR course, or a first aid & CPR course approved by PADI, is a pre-requisite for anyone wishing to move on to being a rescue diver and also a Dive Master (Must have current EFR or equivalent within 2 years prior to doing Rescue/EFR training). This course usually takes about 2 days or less and covers on site life support and first aid treatment for injuries and illnesses. A valuable course for divers and non-divers alike.  ** Emergency First Response $300 FJD

On completion of your Emergency First Response you're ready to start working towards your PADI Rescue Diver qualification. Rescue Diver, a course run over a couple of days of fun diving with most skills completed during the surface interval between dives, gives you the skills and confidence to not only look after yourself when diving, but to be able to aid and assist others in the unlikely event survival skills are needed while in a diving environment. E-learning is available. A sure way for you to inspire confidence in yourself and for others to feel confident in diving with you!!  **Rescue Diver $750 FJD

Gaining your PADI Dive Master certification offers you the opportunity to develop your abilities to the extent where you can use your skills to become a PADI Pro. You can either teach snorkelling, assist with student dive courses and/or guide certified divers. If you wish, this is the qualification that can start you on your scuba diving career path! We prefer to run Dive Master in Training (DMT) certification courses over an extended period to ensure that all skill bases are "mastered". In saying that Dive Master courses may be as short as 2 weeks, but ideally would be 1 -3 months. Choosing a longer time-frame for your Dive Masters does not increase the price, but does increase your diving opportunities!  E-learning is available. We are able to suggest a few basic housing options for as little as $350 FJD per week for stays of 1 month or more.  We currently run about 9 DMT placements per year. **Dive Master $2,200 FJD

Colin being a PADI MSDT is also certified to offer you PADI Specialities including: Enriched Air, Deep, Digital Underwater Photography, Drift, Night Diver, Underwater Navigator, Care for Children, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Project Aware, Aware Coral Reef Conservation, Nitrox & Dive Propulsion Vehicle. To experience these as speciality courses we would need advance warning so as to order materials in.  **POA



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