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Meet Our PADI Dive Shop Staff

KoroSun Dive is Family Owned and Operated Business since 2004; with the owners still diving almost daily. The KoroSun Dive Family is proud to be able to share some of the best diving in Fiji with our guests and we share a passion to explore our underwater world and to help you have great fun above water experiences too.  Come and meet us...first here on our website...then in person!! We're based at the Beaiutiful, Peaceful, Serene Savasi Island Resort and are independent of any other dive shop or resort.


Colin Skipper:

Our Leader is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT), Emergency First Response (EFR) Instructor  (also SSI & NASDS Instructor Certified), Boat Master, founding Owner/Operator of KoroSun Dive & our in-house stand up/sit down comedian!

Colin (aka Skipper Skipper), originally a Kangaroo, came to Fiji in 2003  on a working holiday. Then, despite having never been to Savusavu, Vanua Levu, he took leave from his job as the Vice Principal of an Agricultural College, packed his life in cardboard boxes, and headed back to Fiji to buy a business and become a Director of KoroSun Dive. A few years later he was dive certifying then marrying his Kiwi Marketing and Promotions Manager!

Colin, now a long time Fijian citizen, is totally committed to a life of Fiji diving - teaching diving, guiding diving and living the diver's life in Fiji. After being a diver for over 40 years and being a dive instructor for over 25 years, Colin has tens of thousands of dives under his belt. He continues to enjoy his working/teaching/playing, all which involve meeting people, sharing his passion for diving and the thrill of scouting out our scalloped hammerhead sharks.

You'll notice that he's not always wearing his KoroSun Dive shirt these days tho as his "other half" is excited to sample some more of the diving the rest of the world has to offer....

Favourite Saying: "I'm excited and I've dived here before!"


Janine Skipper:

The "other half", Aunty Janine (aka J-9), is Marketing Manager and Co-Owner/Operator, Dive Guide and Very Personal Assistant to the boss, especially since they celebrated their marriage  on what they call "Losing our Independence Day" many moons ago!

Janine is as equally committed to Fiji as her husband Colin is but is increasingly keen to take her mask for a looksie further afield.  She was a Kiwi non-diver and ex-secondary Head of Department school teacher on arrival in Fiji 2007. She fell in love with the place, fell in love with the dive instructor, bought a house and never left! She took the plunge early on and became a diver and a while later also became a Fijian citizen. Viti is her home of choice!

Although sometimes kept busy with paper-work and office doings, Janine also spends  time under the water too. With back surgery in her near future she's keen to return to the water as soon as possible and get familiar with her new dive computer. She doesn't see what she does as working, she calls it "Playing in Paradise with her mermaid sistas!"

Favourite Saying: "Really? Seriously?"


Mark Jacobs:

Mark first came to KoroSun Dive as a DMT (Dive Master in Training) through the agency Global Vision International.We were so impressed with Mark's all round ability as a Dive Guide, Host and with the ease in which he slotted into Savusavu, when the opportunity to team up with him as a newly qualified Instructor presented itself it was a given that Mark would don fins and suit and join us underwater as an OWSI (Open Water Scuba Instructor) and  Dive Shop Manager in Training.

Mark's working on taking on the KoroSun Dive mantle as our esteemed leader slips out of the Fiji waters a little more often these days. Mark is Yin to Colin's Yang, and when they're feeling social the hammerheads are as equally happy to hang with Mark as they are with Colin.

Mark is a lauded basketball star and is as fluent in French as he is English and his Spanish isn't bad either. Mark is a keen adventurer and when not diving plays volleyball and seeks adventures locally and abroad. If not in the water he's happiest with a table full of tucker (he'll tell you where the best food is in town), followed by a post diving nap.

Favourite Saying: "You don't have an more of that do you J-9?"

Cliff Whippy:

Captain Cliff comes from a family at one with the sea. Ship builders, Skippers and Dive Masters are the life blood of his family and although he might tell you he cannot swim I wouldn't be too sure about that!

Cliff's easy going, relaxed and smiling attitude hides a true sense of fair-play, helpfulness, safety and attention to detail. Cliff also has sharp eyes and I'm certain some pescetarian  whispering abilities. A young guy with a young family Cliff's passion for the ocean has seen him choose a job that he loves and his family has justified pride in  the success he's making of his life on the water.

When not on the water Cliff can be found farming and gardening and tinkering with tools. An all round nice guy we're privileged to share our boats with.

Favourite Saying: "Turtle! Ray! Shark! Look at those fish jumping!"





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