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BLOG SPOT: Diving Adventures with KoroSun Dive, Savusavu, Fiji

Bula Re! Sa vacava tiko? (Greetings! How are you?)

Savusavu Fiji...This is OUR paradise above & below water and we want to share it with YOU!

Over halfway thru the year and now on our way towards summertime!  We also look forward to e-meeting then getting wet with the keen scuba divers we've yet to meet. :-)

Since 2004 we've met many great people and have had some amazing underwater experiences, balanced with fab above water experiences too. We are the number 1 attraction for Savusavu as "Things To Do" and are now located at the (luxury award winning) Savasi Island Resort, www.savasiisland.com What a winning combination! We're still diving guests from all accommodation providers in and around Savusavu, including the resort which shares a name similar to ours, although we are entirely separate companies; not to be confused. We welcome one and all to come and join our KoroSun Dive Family based at Savasi Island Resort for some great diving adventures!

Fiji is all about lifestyle for us and YOU  - sharing both our marine and terrestrial world in our Hidden Paradise for our ultimate guest enjoyment, it's what we do! For us our guests are not numbers or dollars but friends we want to share our amazing underwater world with.  If you haven't dived with us yet, check us out...

TripAdvisor (J-9 can do this, she has great fun responding to reviews here!), YouTube (J-9 knows how to play music videos here, maybe Mark deals with this) FaceBook KoroSun Dive Page FaceBook KoroSun Dive Group (now Facebook I'm pretty good with. We'd love you to "Like" our Facebook Page). We're also up on instagram (KoroSun Dive - Mark knows how to drive that baby)  twitter (as KorosunD - which no-one has any idea how to work) and ditto with google (must work out how to read those reviews, as we have 17 now apparently - but its not much fun as I can't reply to the google reviews).

In the meantime, lako mai vata kei au (come with me) and dip into our website and get to know something about what we offer in terms of diving and snorkelling...if there's anything we haven't covered on the website do send us an inquiry (or even an enquiry) at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or how about skyping us! korosundive is our skype name. But who does that anymore? I also have What's App on +679 9706605.

Don't forget to pack or purchase here in Fiji a light raincoat/umbrella, sunscreen and mosquito repellent. A torch and watch/dive computer are always handy items to bring too. A sweater is a good idea as the evenings can still cool down a little. And most importantly, if you enjoy a post dive tipple, remember to get your max duty free spirits at the airport leaving your homeland or on arrival in Nadi as you make your way into Fiji. We can give you the gen by email on anything else you want to know about diving with us or our Hidden Paradise in general, including accommodation options to meet your needs and budget.

We're looking forward to blowing some bubbles with you down under!!

Vakanuinui vinaka nikua (Have a good day) & sota tale (see you later on)!!

J-9, Skipper Skipper, Captain Cliff & Marky Mark - Your KoroSun Dive Family.

Colin Bubbler

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